Welcome to the Back Porch!

About Us

Who we are

What started off as a group of college friends doing dumb college things turned into a foundation built on friendship and focused on philanthropy. We are a 501C3 nonprofit organization and our goal is to provide support to various charitable organizations or families and individuals in need in our members' communities. 100% of our funding goes directly towards charitable gifts.

Our mission

We seek ways to impact our neighbors through numerous platforms with the sole intention of our donations going directly towards those that are disadvantaged or impoverished. Our foundation is not limited by where our donations go. What we find to be most important is positively impacting others that are underprivileged in whichever way is needed. We intend to be the helping hand that isn't readily available from more traditional charities.

Who have we helped

Since forming in 2014 we have provided charitable gifts such as a car for a single mom, home appliances for a young family, iPads for an educational after school program, financial support for a family with costly medical bills, summer camp experiences for inner-city youth, and Christmas gifts and meals for many, many children. These are just a few examples, but as you can see, we are not limited in who we can and want to help!


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